Located in East Harrar, Ethiopia, Chaffee Jenette produces some of the best coffee in the world. Harrar coffee is internationally known to offer buyers the opportunity to purchase beans with distinctive flavor profiles and unique characteristics. Partnering with Chaffee Jenette is not only good for business, but it’s good for the farmers was well.

Buyers who purchase Chaffee Jenette beans agree to pay a fixed premium of which 100% is invested in social development projects in the local community.

Working together, buyers have unique access to well cultivated and processed beans, which test at the highest international quality standards. Each buyer becomes a vital part of transforming the lives of an entire community, one farmer at a time. Many buyers in turn find innovative ways to share the story of Chaffee Jenette with their own customers.

For more information on purchasing and marketing opportunities, please contact or 1.212.828.4300

On the Ground

The Abyssinian Fund is hands on. We work directly with both buyers and Famers. Our Field Director Zerihun Tessema Fanta and Field Coordinator Demeke Hailu, are native Ethiopians  both based in Chaffee Jenette. Together they have over 40 years of coffee experience and agronomy training.

Along with a team of seasoned professionals, our staff conducts monthly farmer training sessions on topics such as cooperative business & finance development, cherries/seed selection, yield improvement, and coffee plant cultivation. Chaffee Jenette farmers are trained to grow and select the highest quality beans.