Chaffee Jenette

Chaffee Jenette is a village of farmers. From the time they are as young as 9 years old, children begin working on farms side-by-side their mothers and fathers.

The farmers’ days and their work is long and hard. Their hands are calloused after long hours, days and weeks, ripping off the tough branches full of red and green coffee beans. Communities like Chaffee Jenette, produce quality beans that are sold around the world as ‘specialty coffee’. Farmers know that if they can pick the good beans (red cherry beans), they can get a higher price for what is known as the best coffee in the world. This is their life. This is their community.

The Abyssinian Fund is working with farmers to improve their technical skills to grow more coffee beans, harvest the best beans and later connect them with buyers who will pay a premium price.

Through partnerships with local and international organizations, farmers are getting access to equipment, knowledge and resources to invest in their individual plots of land that produce coffee so they can reinvest their profits into their community.


Map of Farmer training site in Deder District

Our farmer training site in Chaffee Jenetta can be found in the Deder District, Momicha Rural Village. It is located about 250 miles from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital and 75 miles from Harar, the main town of area.