Abyssinian Fund Newsletter February 2012

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 February 2012

We have trained more than 800 coffee farmers in Chafee Jenette but our goal is to reach out to many more. We are only able to do so with loyal supporters and friends like you! This past month we celebrated a reunion, received press coverage in The Huffington Post and Harlem News and raised funds to help reduce poverty in Ethiopia. This is all part of our effort to spread the word about the farmers who are counting on us for help. 
Mark your Calendars!
Reverend Richards guest appears on NBC Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough.
Tune in Tuesday, February 28 at 7pm 
He will discuss the tremendous work The Abyssinian Fund is doing in Ethiopia! 
For more details please email info@abyfund.org.
Donor Spotlight

Elizabeth Johnson is the Foreign Missions Chairperson of the Missionary Ministry at the Abyssinian Baptist Church. Ms. Johnson is a huge supporter of The Abyssinian Fund, dedicated to making a monthly contribution along with her Ministry group. 
After visiting Ethiopia twice she gained an understanding of the extreme poverty in which the communities are living. Inspired by their need, Ms. Johnson gives as much as she is able and she helps motivate others in the same direction. 
I traveled for the first time to Ethiopia in September 2007 with The Abyssinian Baptist Church and again in October 2010. Each time I visited, I saw with my own eyes how the coffee farmers struggled to make a living, feed their families and educate their children. A contribution to the Abyssinian Fund provides the training and education necessary for the farmers to earn more and do more for their families and community. While we have made progress in Chaffee Jenette, Ethiopia there is so much more that needs to done in order to accomplish our goal of reducing poverty. We do this by continuing to spread the word. I feel honored to be a part of the ongoing mission in Ethiopia.


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Ethiopian Pilgrims’ Reunion

After you’ve gone to Ethiopia once, you can go back for a lifetime. The group of Abyssinian Baptist Church members who went on the pilgrimage to Ethiopia in 2007, gathered to relive the memories of a life-changing experience and to give back to Ethiopia. With their support, we raised over $6,000 toward our mission of reducing poverty in Ethiopia by securing a better future for the coffee farmers, their families and community. 


On Friday, January 27, more than 60 pilgrims showed off their Ethiopian outfits, dined on injera bread and lamb stew, shared photos and reminisced on the educational and spiritual journey they went on five years ago. It was a fun, sentimental and uplifting evening that helped reignite the group’s passion for giving back. 
Photos from the 2007 trip to Ethiopia: 

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We are thrilled to share with you a few publications that covered the story of our work this month: The Huffington Post, TADIAS Magazine, The Bread Blogand Harlem News! Check out the video interview of Reverend Richards with The Harlem News:

Interview with Rev. Richards 
Harlem News Interview with Reverend Richards
Peace and Blessings,
Rev. Nicholas S. Richards
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