Abyssinian Fund Newsletter January 2012

 January 2012

Happy New Year! We are excited for 2012 as we make an impact to reduce poverty in Ethiopia. Your support has allowed us to make great strides by training new farmers, introducing modern technology and helping change the lives of Ethiopian communities. Thank you and blessings for the new year.
“Bet you didn’t know”
Volunteering and hosting a friendraiser are excellent ways of supporting our mission. If you’d like to participate please email info@abyfund.org.
Donor Spotlight
Mr. Rodney Adkins

Rodney Adkins is IBM’s first African American corporate executive and senior vice president of IBM’s Systems and Technology Group, overseeing more than 80,000 employees worldwide. He is also a supporter of The Abyssinian Fund. Mr. Adkins is a donor who gives only when his heart is truly in it. This is what he had to say about why he supports The Abyssinian Fund:

A very close personal friend of mine, Al Zollar (an Abyssinian Fund board member) told me about the organization and its mission to improve the plight of Ethiopian farmers. Having traveled to seven African countries myself, I have seen firsthand the poverty and the lack of infrastructure. If supporting The Abyssinian Fund is just one thing I can do to help improve the economic conditions under which our Ethiopian brothers and sisters are living, then it is certainly worthy of my attention. I think all of us, on some level, can connect to that and think back to how far we ourselves have come. We have so much to be grateful for, so we must give back.

News from Ethiopia

Happy Holidays  


Dear Abyssinian Fund friends,


I hope the New Year will be a year that The Abyssinian Fund strengthens its institutional capacity to implement more programs for the coming years. The Amharic words on right side of the card read as MELKAM YEGENA BAHAL means “Happy Christmas” and the left side says BEGENA CHAWETA AYKOTUM GETA meaning “No one can limit you during celebrating the holidays.”  


Demeke Hailu
Abyssinian Fund, Project Coordinator 
News from Harlem     
Tocara! Live Generously!

Now through January 31, we are celebrating Tocara, an Ethiopia phrase meaning “Live Generously”. Don’t forget to purchase your Tocara bracelet and when you shop, dine or get fit at one of 17 of Harlem’s finest spots. 10% of your spending goes to The Abyssinian Fund’s mission.


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Peace and Blessings,

  Rev. Nicholas S. Richards

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