Abyssinian Fund Newsletter November 2011

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  Issue 1  |  November 2011


Welcome to the first issue of Field Notes! There are many new and exciting developments on the farms of Chaffee Jenette in Ethiopia and at our headquarters in Harlem, New York. We have been busy spreading the word about the work The Abyssinian Fund is doing to reduce poverty in Ethiopia. In October, Reverend Richards’ work was recognized by The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club (NANBPWC) and in November he will be awarded once again with a Hidden Heroes award. Continue below for information about events, read a letter from a farmer in our training program and learn new facts about Ethiopia and coffee.


“Bet you didn’t know”

Chaffee Jenette means “Land of Paradise”  


Raising Friends & Raising Funds

Hidden Heroes Award: On November 20, 2011 Reverend Richards will be honored for his work in Ethiopia. Hosted by The Andrew Goodman Foundation, the Hidden Heroes Awards ceremony pays tribute to four remarkable individuals each year who are actively trying to change the world. Reverend Richards was nominated as a Hidden Hero because he is ambitious, selfless and diligent about reinvesting in Ethiopia. Former Mayor David Dinkins will accept a Lifetime Achievement Award from last year’s recipient, Harry Belafonte.

NANBPWC Award: On October 10th Reverend Richards received the International Program Excellence Award. The ceremony, hosted by President Marie E. Castillo, was to support and honor the dedicated men and women who serve across the globe. 

Al and Patricia Zollar, Reverend Richards and F. Dianne Young
Al and Patricia Zollar, Reverend Richards and F. Dianne Young


October Friendraiser: Abyssinian Fund board member Al Zollar with wife Patricia and F. Dianne Young hosted a friendraiser in Harlem. Friends and colleagues of the hosts and The Abyssinian Fund’s board members enjoyed an evening mingling and discussing the future of Ethiopia and its delicious coffee. The event was a huge success as our generous guests contributed over $25,000! We are so grateful for the support! If you are interested in hosting a friendraiser or in donating to The Abyssinian Fund please visit http://abyfund.org/get-involved/get.   


“Bet you didn’t know”

Americans drink over $40 Billion worth of coffee every year.

Chaffee Jenette farmers earn $500 per year.


News from Ethiopia

Making a Difference one Farmer at a Time

Even with 7,000 miles between us, it is important that we remain in touch with the coffee farmers in Chaffee Jenette. There are more than 800 farmers who have participated in training and we love receiving feedback on their experiences. With the help of our field trainers, Zerihun and Demeke, we connect regularly. One farmer, Mr. Amed Mumed shared his story: “When The Abyssinian Fund came to my village I couldn’t believe it. The training is so important. Now I am learning to use modern techniques that help me make more money, to educate my children and build my community.”  Visit our website to learn more about The Abyssinian Fund and to support our mission.  


Rev. Nicholas Richards

The Abyssinian Fund

1825 Park Avenue, Suite 702

New York, NY 10035


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