Newsletter May 2012

May 2012 

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Rev. Richards on the move

Rev. Richards with Dr. Robert Michael Franklin, Pres. Morehouse College

The month of April was a busy one for Rev. Richards. Aside from overseeing The Abyssinian Fund, he traveled to Atlanta, GA to visit his Alma Mater, Morehouse College. The prestigious HBCU’s Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel honored him and 40 other religious, business & educational leaders at the 27th Annual College of Ministers & Laity event.
Trip to Ethiopia 
Reverend Richards will be traveling to Ethiopia at the end of the month to visit with farmers and staff in Chaffee Jenette. Please stay tuned for photos, videos and updates from his trip.

A lush farm of coffee trees in Brazil
Scattered coffee trees in Ethiopia
 You’ve heard the saying, “money doesn’t grow on trees,” and for some this is true, but for coffee farmers in Chaffee Jenette, Ethiopia their income is very dependent on the number of trees they own.
A coffee farmer in Ethiopia has about 200 trees per acre while a coffee farmer in places like Brazil or Columbia owns over 2000 coffee trees per acre.
In order for our Ethiopian brothers and sisters to produce a higher yield of coffee and compete in the global market, they simply need more trees. Our goal is to build a 50,000 coffee tree nursery in Chaffee Jenette by next year to help ease the burden of competition and help increase the farmers’ income. 
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Board Member Spotlight
Lamonda V. Williams
  Lamonda WilliamsHeadshotAs one of the “pilgrims” who traveled back to Ethiopia in 2007 to celebrate the 200-year anniversary of Abyssinian Baptist Church, I was able to witness first-hand the impetus for starting The Abyssinian Fund.


I’ll always remember the first day I stepped off the plane and placed my feet on Ethiopian soil. “I’m home,” I said. The connection I had with the land, the culture, the people, and their strong sense of pride and spirituality despite obvious signs of poverty left a great impression upon my heart. Ethiopians may be “poor” in resources but never in spirit.


As a media programming & content professional I have a keen awareness for innovation and strategic development to reach a certain group of people. Abyssinian Fund’s groundbreaking model of giving does exactly that. Doing charity differently! It is smart, authentic and timeless. When one engages with Abyssinian Fund it is soon realized that this is a movement, not charity. It’s not just about coffee; we’re carrying out innovative ministry through economic development. 
I live by a famous quote from poet/author Maya Angelou “When you learn teach, when you get give.” This inspires me to give continually and always help others. We should all be inspired to give because we ourselves are blessed. “To Whom Much is Given Much Is Required.” (Luke 12:48). 
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News from Ethiopia
Chaffee Jenette to host Harlem students


Abyssinian Fund office in Chaffee Jenette
Harlem NGO, International Youth Leadership Institute (IYLI) will head to Ethiopia this summer as part of the group’s annual international excursion. 15 students will do college-level work that includes reading, language classes and cultural lessons. Students will also learn about government and spend the last two weeks of the trip living in a rural village in Ethiopia and they will visit Chaffee Jenette, meet  Abyssinian Fund’s Field Coordinators Demeke and Zerihun, and participate in a community service project.




IYLY students in Tanzania, 2011
Peace and Blessings,

Rev. Nicholas S. Richards
The Abyssinian Fund | 1825 Park Avenue | New York, New York 10035 | 212-828-4300
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