Zerihun Tessema Fanta

Zerihun┬áis a highly trained agricultural engineer who has more than 30 years of experience. Over the years, he has become a nationally respected leader and expert on Ethiopia’s coffee industry.

Fanta knows everything from growing, managing and processing coffee crops to creating and enforcing policies to protect the crops and cooperatives. He also has solid experience in quality control, sales, marketing and construction.

As field director, he serves as The Abyssinian Fund’s key point of contact in Ethiopia, helping to direct the operations and develop a business plan to ensure that the farmers receive premium pricing for their crops.

Each step along the way, Fanta steadily developed his skills. He learned the intricacies of coffee process at the Coffee Plantation Development Corporation (CPDC) at Limu Bebeka and Teppi State farms for the Washed Coffee and Coffee Improvement Projects. During the 1990s, he strengthened his knowledge of government standards and quality control, developing and enforcing policies in several key positions, including serving as the Senior Post Harvest Technologist (PHT), for Coffee and Tea Authority and as Head of the Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia.

To help the Abyssinian Fund find new buyers, Fanta has experience in sales with HAGBES, the leading trading company in Ethiopia.

Fanta has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering from the former Addis Ababa University Alemaya College of Agriculture, Ethiopia and a Masters of Science in Post Harvest Technology. He’s a married father of three children who enjoys football, basketball and film making and photography.

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